Tyrone Williams, owner of HST / bodymobilization and developer of the bodymobilization ™ system has close to thirty years of experience which include years of extensive research, teaching, & volunteer service.

He is a graduate of National Holistic Institute, & has had additional training with internationally recognized instructors. He teaches workshops & was a primary instructor at the National Holistic Institute for many years. He was the director of the Bay Area Sports Massage Team from 1990-1993, & has many years of study & practice in Yoga, Meditative Breathing, ZEN, & Aikido.

Over time, and with hard work he has developed unique insight into the ways the body responds to knowledgeable and compassionate touch with a single-minded focus.

The development of BODYMOBILIZATION grew out of the desire to blend the knowledge gained from many years of studying the martial art of Aikido, the study and practice of massage, and observing the life process of kinetic energy.

The culmination became a way to enhance the body's ability to right itself through the natural order of nature as it relates to the body.

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